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Congratulations! You are part of the biggest global network of Information Security Resources

If you’ve reached this page, it probably means that you are already part of SecOps – InfoSec Army, or at least is considering to become part of it. The SecOps – InfoSec Army is a global ecosystem composed by Information Security professionals and companies, IT professionals and developers. The goal is to create a global asset in Information Security, with hundreds of applications, that goes from better commercial offers to military and information security defense aspects.

Well, if you’re already part of it, bellow you will find some useful information you may be looking for. If you’re not, join us by filling the form on the top right of this webpage.

Your main stop

 Our Command, Control and Communications Centre is the first and last resource you’ll ever need to be part of our operations. This is your main stop. Every single one of SecOps – InfoSec Army’s operations is conducted and controlled here. If you don’t have a login and a password it means your association process is still ongoing.

Follow us on social media

It’s probably a good idea to stay informed about our progress and achievements. At some given time frame we may start our operations in a new country you may have interest in. You are also invited to indicate professionals. Anyway, social media is the way to go. It’s dynamic, you’ll know about everything right away and will be able to talk to us. Nevertheless, if your already a SecOps Qualified Resource, you can reach your HLO if you have any further questions or need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

We are terribly sorry for that. The problem is that SecOps – InfoSec Army, presented an absolutely meteoric growth that we could not have anticipated on our wildest dreams. More than 300 professionals, from 15 different countries joined the initiative in the very first 15 days!!! This created a very complex and difficult situation for our small team, as we need to maintain our rigorous qualifying process to ensure the quality and reliability of our associate professionals that we provide to the market. 

To ensure the quality of the services our initiative provides, and have a deeper control of what professionals we allocate in which operations, we conduct a deep and strict screening process, where every single applicant is interviewed by at least 4 different persons. Aside from that, our team will conduct background checks on every candidate, and gatter all information we can find to determine who is that person, and what are his real capabilities. Sometimes, applicants may be required to perform practical tests to prove their know-how about a specific competence. After that every single applicant will receive a score that goes from 0 to 1000 and determines the quality of that professional. After all this and if your score is higher than at least 460, you’ll be considered what we called SecOps Qualifyed Resource

Nothing happens but the chances of you getting allocated on a project is extremely low. If that is the case, you’ll problably receive a feedback from our team, informing you that your score is low, and how you could raise him up.

Well the best way is look for a professional already present on SecOps that know you. It can be any HLO, HRO, Advisory Board Member, or any of the executive leaders. Alternatively, you could also fill in this form and mention that you are interested in applying for a specific function.

Unfortunately no. Our operations are entirely dependent of the demand we have, and we still have not enough numbers to create estimates on when a professional will be allocated. You can however helps find a project/client near you, and even get rewarded for this, Check it out our Business Agent program.

Every single resource we have in SecOps – InfoSec Army is a business agent. That means that even if your just a information security analyst, with no prior experience on sales you can still make money (a lot of it) with SecOps – InfoSec Army. 

It’s simple, on your professional life, you problably met a lot of people, work on some companies, maybe even know a few executives. All you have to do is get in contact with that company, and tell them how awesome, and revolucionary is SecOps – InfoSec Army’s project, and how we are able to helping in ways any other company can. Give them our contacts, and ask them to mention that they are reaching us in reference from your advice*. That’s it. If we do close the deal with them you get 10% of participation**, no questions asked.

* You must also apply to be a SecOps Resource thru the “Join the InfoSec Army”

** 10% of the total value of the project except taxes and expenses.

Well then you are looking at a one big commission. Let’s say, the project expenses are 140,000.00 and taxes are 160,000.00 the deal will be of a total of 1,300,000.00 and you commission will be 100,000.00 dollars. Time to shop for an awesome sport car don’t you think?

Well, don’t get this wrong, but if your looking for salary, you probably should not have applied. We’re offering you something a lot better then a salary. You are now our partner, you actually own a little share of whats probably going to be the largest Information Security Company of the world in a few years. And you can do this, at your own will, part-time, full time, occasionally, you choose.  As a partner you are going to be payed (and well payed) by your working ours in a project, and will receive proportional participation on the profits of all the operations you participate on every fiscal year. 50% of the SecOps – InfoSec Army’s operations profits are redistributed to our associates. We may be leading the initiative, but the company belong to the Information Security Professionals. 

Wait. Don’t quit your job yet. First take some things at consideration:

  1. Yes, it’s true. You probably make a lot more money here, that you do working for other people, after all, the company is yours. However, as any entrepreneur must know, the money must come from someplace. Maybe you have a savings account, maybe you get a part-time job and start working with us, until you produce enough money to really quit your jobs. Notice that I saw, “You produce”. As a great president once sad: Ask not, what SecOps – InfoSec Army can do for you, ask what you can do for SecOps – InfoSec Army. This iniative will be great as the people working on it are great. There are a lot of opportunities to work with us and be part of history being made, but you must have what it takes for it.
  2. If you are a qualified resource being allocated on projects, you should not leave your main activities, unless directly informed by you HLO or HRO about this. They know and see the Ops from a more strategic point and are able to give you a more accurate estimation of how much of your effort is going to be necessary on the projects you’re allocated.
  3. You probably have  been told this by someone already, but if you are reaching for a HLO, or a HRO position and is quitting your job to focus 100% on it, we do congratulate you, and others prove that this can be a excellent decision, however please note that you are doing this on your own responsibility. Bold is   something great, but comes with a price.

Again, if your looking for a salary, maybe you should choose one of our Associate Companies and work as their employee. No judgments, everyone knows what is better for themselves, and know better which kinda professional profile they want for their lives. 

HRO stands for Head of Regional Operations and HLO stands for Head of Local Operations. Basically HLOs are in charge of operations in a city or region. Some big cities may have more than one. It means you represent locally and coordinate locally SecOps operations. Basically, you’re the boss. If your operation is going to make 200 thousand a year or 500 hundred thousand is entirely up to you. We will support you in anything you need, and provide you the global resources any project requires, but the operation is in your hands.

HROs do almost the same thing, but they control the operation from a more strategic point of view, supporting the HLOs and other personnel in their operations.

They have no salary, that’s the true. However none of them are specially worried about that as they (HLOs) get a 6% cut of all projects they manage, and 4% cut of all projects for HROs. You do the math, and you’ll probably understand why they are smiling on all the pictures. 🙂