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SecOps - InfoSec Army's careers opportunities

So you have joined the InfoSec Army, but that’s not enough for you. You want more. You want to be part of the revolution. Great! You came to the right place. SecOps – InfoSec Army has a lot of potential opportunities for you, as we growth exponentially, there are always a lot of opened positions inside our initiative. The question is: are you the right one for it? Do you have what it takes? Are you up to the challenge? Bellow we are going to briefly explain the main functions on our operational model, and you can evaluate if something suits your expertise, and moment you are in your life right now

Head of Local Operation (HLO)

Our first line of action

As Head of Local Operations, your mission (Should you choose to accept it) is to get in charge of the day to day operations on your area or city. Meaning you are responsible for getting new Associate Professionals, spread the word about the initiative, interview candidates, understand what the clients problem are, help design the solution, and coordinate the personnel during the operations inside projects. Basic you are the first line of action. The person in charge of operations directly.

Head of Regional Operation (HRO)

A broader vision of the strategy

As Head of RegionalĀ  Operations, you will be a step higher in the organization, and as so will have a broader vision of the operations. This position requires that you have way more experience on the field, that the HLO, as you will be the one he calls and counts for help. Yes you would help them in a lot of golds like gattering new professionals inside the initiative, spread the world, and even help him design the solutions, but your mission is to help all the HLOs of your state, therefore you must be up to the challenge of lead them.

InfoSec Competence Regional Leader

So your a specialist on your field, and know everything about a given subject. Well you can apply for one of the InfoSec Competence Regional Leaders positions. This position is the one that will be chosen as project leaders in projects related to that expertise, meaning that if your up to the challenge, you will be in charge of technically leading all the projects conducted on the specialty on your state.

Opened positions

Right now we have several positions opened in several states in Brazil, Paraguay and United States. We are working to create a system thatĀ  will allow us to post the specific positions. In the meantime, once you understand what is the SecOps – InfoSec Army and think you’re up to the challenge, you can apply thru any of our current HLOs, HROs, InfoSec Competence Leaders, and Top executives. You can also apply thru our default form for joining the InfoSec Army on the Top right of the site, but specify on the “Position” field the position you want to apply for, not the one you are currently working.