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Please see which one of the contact options bellow fits better on your need and feel free to reach us. We will get back to you shortly.

I wanna call your troops

If you have a company, or represent one, and are interested on calling our troops to serve your will, and fight your battles with you please reach us thru the form on the link bellow. We will process your contact and redirect to the right person to reach you.

I wanna join the army

If you work with information security, it dosen't matter if you have extensive kwnolegde or just start it in the area. We have a place for you. Our projects have the need of all kinds of professionals, from the pentest begginer, to the renowed cryptologist. Tell us a liitle about yourself and your expertise on the link bellow.

I wanna write about you

If you represent the press, we would love to help you understand our project, our goals and our vision. Please reach us at [email protected]

I wanna help you expand

If are a skilled experienced professional / entrepreneur and interested in joining our initiative and lead the operations on your country please contact us at [email protected] and explain us what you have in mind.

Help me recruting

In case you are HR representative or a Headhunter looking for an information security talent and want our help with it please send a message with your contacts and the description of your job opportunity to [email protected]

Problems, suggestions or coffee

If your a final costumer having problems regarding any of our projects or associates, or for any reason wants to buy someone a coffee, our CEO insists you contact him directly at [email protected]

For website related issues, please send a message to¬†[email protected]