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Investors: Join us on this revolution

SecOps - InfoSec Army is going to change the Information Security industry forever. And you can be a part of this.

SecOps – InfoSec Army is growing at an amazing speed, and you can be a part of this. We are already talking with investors in some of our operations, but looking for investors to join us in operations on several countries. The investors profiles  that we are looking for can vary depending on the country and the stage of the operations deployment. In some places we need Angel investors, some others we are looking for Venture Capital and Investors Groups. If you want to know more about it, please mail us at [email protected]

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About us

SecOps – Infosec Army is a global initiative that aims to unify in a single fully integrated ecosystem, all the human resources available in the area of information security. Liberal professionals, security firms, IT companies and development. From the junior professional to the most renowned specialist. Allocated in projects according to the need and budget available, coordinated in a centralized manner, offering a unique solution, 100% customized according to the peculiarities of each client. The most varied competences of the area of information security, allocated on demand, in a dynamic and optimized manner in your organization.

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Watch our exclusive interview for the DioLinux Youtube channel where our CEO Alberto J. Azevedo explains all the concepts and possibilities of the SecOps – InfoSec Army [in portuguese]

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