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Values and Ethics

Some of the goals of SecOps – InfoSec Army are exactly attempt to correct a lot of problems currently existent on the market. To do so, we were built from the core, with strong values and ethics in mind. so we can do better where others failed. Also the core of our business model makes inherent that we take an extra care and focus on establishing a corporate code of ethics and values that must be observed by all employees, all the time, assuring the initiative to fulfill his mission of  equalizing the market opportunities and enhance the quality, reliability and impartiality of the provided services.

Core Corporate Values

These are the five pillars where our initiative was built. They must be observed and respected in absolutely all the processes, business and projects conducted by us. 






All of our associates must follow this principles, and comply to our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics policy available at our Command, Control and Communications Centre. In a broad sense of standards, all our associates must:

  • Understand and follow all the local and international laws and regulations applied to our business, or projects where we are involved;
  • Avoid and notify the initiatives executives or any superior ranked associate of a potential conflicts of interest thru our internal system;
  • Protect the iniative’s assets;
  • Be honest, open, fair and trustworthy in all activities and relationships;
  • Maintain healthy, productive, respectful and positive relations with other associates;