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  • 30 competences
  • 5 nominees for each
  • 1 national winner for each competence

Do you have what it takes to be a InfoSec Competence Leader?

Welcome to the SecOps - InfoSec Army headquarters

The SecOps - InfoSec Army in numbers


and we're just getting started...

 SecOps – Infosec Army is a global initiative that aims to unify in a single fully integrated ecosystem, all the human resources available in the area of information security. Liberal professionals, security firms, IT companies and development. From the junior professional to the most renowned specialist. Allocated in projects according to the need and budget available, coordinated in a centralized manner, offering a unique solution, 100% customized according to the peculiarities of each company or organization.
A totally new concept in Information Security

Why hire one, when you can hire them all?

SecOps – InfoSec Army’s unique business model, made us capable of orchestrating totally impartial projects, fully customized for any organization’s needs. You concentrate on your business, we’ll deal with the security hassle for you.

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Identify the need

We'll sit down with you and really understand your problems, investigate the causes, fully comprehend the size of your organization, your market, security maturity, investment capacity, risk profile, etc...

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Coordinate the execution

You breath your company's business. We breath security, and we'll use this know-how to coordinate the projects your company needs. Our initiative has the very best specialists, in the most diverse InfoSec competences, some are happily employed on big companies over Europe and US, and those talents will supervise the professionals allocated to execute the projects on your organization.

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Assemble the team

After helping you understand the problem, we will assemble a team gattering professionals and companies specially chosen to suit your needs. From a universe of offers and resources, we'll find the perfect one to fully fulfill your expectations. 

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Monitor the performance

You company deserves the best, and to deliver this, we'll monitor very close the performance of the professionals allocated on the projects, and adjust as necessary to provide you unprecedented levels of excellence.

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Design the solution

As we reach, broader and wider resources, we are able to create special and unique projects no other organization can, as our resources are not limited as they are. We will use this to design meaningful and specific solutions specially made for you company

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Review the results

After all this, we'll review the results, conduct quality evaluations, and present you with the results, helping vizualize what has been done, and what are the next steps.

"We are facing tremendous challenges in the cyber space. Additionally, there is an important lack of expert talent to address those challenges. We find SecOps - InfoSec Army approach extremely interesting, powerful and coming with the right timing"
Maite Ortega
Editor Cyber Startup Observatory
"The SecOps - InfoSec Army is certainly one of the most audacious and innovative projects that have ever gone through the Campus Party. The concept of integration that they aim to implement in the market is really very interesting "
Thalis Antunes
Gerente de conteúdo da Campus Party


Any resource, anywhere, anytime. Whatever your need, we will atend

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