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  SecOps – Infosec Army is a global initiative that aims to unify in a single fully integrated ecosystem, all the human resources available in the area of information security. Liberal professionals, security firms, IT companies and development. From the junior professional to the most renowned specialist. Allocated in projects according to the need and budget available, coordinated in a centralized manner, offering a unique solution, 100% customized according to the peculiarities of each company or organization.

The most varied competences of the area of information security, allocated on demand, in a dynamic and optimized manner in your organization.

The initiative SecOps – InfoSec Army  allows the execution of projects with total focus and commitment to the customer’s needs. We possess the ability to assemble a unique set of talents according to the need for each project. Through the allocation of analysts with extensive experience for defining strategies and local professionals near the geographic location of the customer to the operational, we are able to optimize the costs of a project and maximize the quality of the delivery.

Furthermore, because we have no direct relationship with manufacturers or suppliers of market solutions, we are able to evaluate the project fully exempt and impartial and allocate companies and professionals participating in the specific solution, when We deem appropriate to your implementation based on the premise and needs of the customer.

Rather than offering a solution ready for your company we are able to assemble a completely customized solution to suit your needs. As soon as we understand the premise of the project and establish the link to the business of the Organization we will identify in the companies and professionals participating in the initiative those who best can collaborate in the process and allocate them specifically to the tasks that They are needed

Even if the company or technology needed to accomplish the project is not part of our initiative, we can offer our expertise in managing information security projects to act as Trust Advisor of your company, acting as an intermediate between your organization and service providers or suppliers of technology, coordinating the efforts of the resources needed to the project and ensuring that the costs stipulated are respected by maintaining the standards of excellence that your company wishes.

“SecOps” is a concept that advocates for the importance of seamless integration between all the different types of competences involved in implementing and maintaining information security in an organization. Information security is a global process and needs to involve people from all areas, whether from the business area, it or development. Ensuring that all involved work in an integrated way and in perfect cooperation is key to achieving greater levels of excellence and maturity of information security in the organization.

Safety norms, regulations and international project management standards, allow the levels of excellence and quality expected in a particular project to be achieved. It is vital that professionals working in information security projects have total dominance over these topics as a way of ensuring the necessary compliance requirements, as well as enabling the complete traceability and management of the implemented processes.

Projects designed specifically for each organization needs

We don't have a service portfolio. We could not have, even if we wanted. The main purpose of the SecOps - Infosec Army , is exactly to offer a resource that can provide and manage any information security need your organization may have. We will not sell you a pré-formated project, we'll design it from the ground accordingly to your organization needs, culture and demands.

The initiative SecOps – InfoSec Army brings countless opportunities and possibilities that previously did not exist to all sides of the market chain. At the same time as our performance enhances the fostering of opportunities in the local market, it leads to new possibilities for liberal professionals, and offers large companies in the sector the possibility of reducing downtime by their team, allocating the free time of Its professionals in punctual tasks in projects, thereby making the market grow as a whole.

We are a global initiative aimed at bringing a new concept into information security. We believe that through the use of concepts of collaborative economics and international project management methods, we can offer superior levels of excellence in the projects offered and at the same time a reduction of the costs involved, through optimization in the use of available resources.