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Good on your own. Greater togheter.

If you’ve reached this page you probably already know why so many companies are joining SecOps – InfoSec Army so fast. This page is intended to answer the most common questions and provide some tools you may need.

Your one-stop

Our Command, Control and Communications Centre is the first and last resource you’ll ever need to be part of our operations. This is your main stop. Every single one of SecOps – InfoSec Army’s operations is conducted and controlled here. If you don’t have a login and a password it means your association process is still ongoing.

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It’s probably a good idea to stay informed about our progress and achievements. At some given time frame we may start our operations in a new country you may have interest in. You are also invited to indicate professionals. Anyway, social media is the way to go. It’s dynamic, you’ll know about everything right away and will be able to talk to us. Nevertheless, if your already a SecOps Qualified Resource, you can reach your HLO if you have any further questions or need assistance.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

That can sometimes vary according to the project, however 90% of the times, your company will receive the sum of all work ours performed by your employees in accordance with the hour-value you specified, or the one accorded on the project. Your company will be paid on deposits on the account you provided on your Adhesion Agreement

Well this is in respect to your business. As you already know, we are not your competitors, on the contrary, SecOps – InfoSec Army does not execute any services whatsoever, our gold is simply to gather the InfoSec ecosystem into a single independent organism, capable of making a better use of the talents available, bringing with this advantages to everyone.

Even if we have professionals that choose to directly associate with us, we believe that even if you allocate your employees in our projects, you are taking the risks. You have the payroll, and the taxes, is assuring a salary for them, and giving them benefits. It would be unfair if we allocate them on projects and pay them directly. This is why we choose to pay you directly and leave up to you, how much will you pay to each, if anything, after all, they were already payed.

Well, that depends. All our associates sign-in affirming that they do not have nothing in their contracts that would prohibit them to work with us in their spare time. So if your company have a more strict work contract where your employees may not perform any services outside your company, even when they are not working the answer is no.

If not, then the answer is yes, they can be direct associates and be allocated in punctual tasks on their spare time. In this case, they will be payed directly for the worked hours.

Sure you can. You can be a direct associate and provide consulting services of any kind, or even occupy one of the available positions on SecOps – InfoSec Army, and be directly rewarded for that.

Impartiality is a big issue for us. Our initiative has been created from ground zero with this in mind, and as so we took several steps to prevent this from happen. We have rules and procedures placed exactly to prevent this from happen. Actually SecOps corporate structure was created specifically with that in mind. We operate in a mix of a Matrix company structure and a regional structure. Therefore absolutely no project in SecOps – InfoSec Army has a single responsible. All our projects are conducted by a Project Leader, elected specifically for that project, and our HLOs. HLOs cannot be project leaders. Besides that, all projects also have a PMO (Project Management Officer) to assure the best management practices and our own principles are being applied and respected, in those three facts alone we have three separate entities to ensure the ethic is not being overlooked in the project. 

We understand the feeling. Being impartiality one of the main and most important values on SecOps – InfoSec Army, we spend a lot of time creating ways to prevent this, and we are very confident that the combination of our automated rules (that double-check for this kind of thing), our procedures, and the multi-faceted-ed coordination of our projects will probably prevent this. Also this is covered very well in our Code of Ethics. For the exceptions, you can rest assure. This is the ground base of the initiative, and any action going against it, when identified will be punished with the immediate removal of the professional responsible.

Sure. Like we sad before, every single one of the resources on SecOps – InfoSec Army can be Business Agents. The rules and participation are exactly the same as the Associate Professionals. Your company gets 10% of the project you bring to us. And as them, your participation may be even bigger, as perhaps your company can provide some of the projects tasks that rely on your employees expertise.

Yes that’s exactly what if means, and is only one of the many advantages you have on being part of SecOps – InfoSec Army

Reach for your the HLO on your companies city, or to one of our top executives. You also have to send us an estimate of how much spare time a week your employees have. We are working on a live system that will allow us to improve this process.

Yes you can, however we do ask you to notify us about that, so we can keep count of the companies doing that, and check the website for the final presentation of our logo. You can find our logo different versions on our Approved Logos page inside the Press and Media page

We will be in charge of every single project that is conducted for the SecOps – InfoSec Army, you can however hire us to provide additional services and background inside your own projects thru our Additional Troops Services.

Nobody knows everything, it is impossible for a company, any company to have absolutely all the talents and competences in the Information Security matters. Well, that’s not the case of SecOps – InfoSec Army. As we are not a company, but an InfoSec ecosystem centrally controlled, as an associated company, you can call us to provide your own troops that additional help you need. We will treat it as a reverse operation, and we only provide this kinda of service for associated companies. 

Basically this will operate on reverse of our standard ops, and in this case, we will provide the assets or professionals you need to make your project great. However in this case you got the ball, and also the ultimate impressionability on the project. SecOps will operate on standard work hour rates, negotiated with with at the beginning of the project. This will give your company all the firepower of SecOps – InfoSec Army unique operational model.