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Life is a series of challenges and opportunities. Each day it is necessary to make more with fewer resources and better quality, in increasingly competitive markets, with greater challenges and increasingly complex needs. The area of information security is not only one of the most challenging as one of the most growing in the world today, as a direct and proportionate consequence of the ever growing importance that technology assumes in our lives.

It may seem paradoxical, but there is an excess in the demand for projects in the area at the same time as several professionals are between jobs or with a lot of their time idle. Large companies are unable to allocate a hundred percent of the time of professionals in their staff in projects in a market where many projects end up not leaving the paper by the difficulty in finding skilled professionals and budget for the achievement of them.

With the objective of solving these and other problems, borns the SecOps – InfoSec Army. Gathering in a single organism the project execution capability, centrally controlling and independently allocating resources, optimizing the costs involved, focusing on providing in a way exempts the best possible solution for the final customer.

Imagine a big Information security project, comprising several areas of different domains. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire the best company focusing on identity management to execute this part of the project, have the most renowned encryption specialist accompanying the items related to this issue, while a team of focused pentest experts performs the most varied invasion tests in your organization?

The SecOps – InfoSec Army initiative, through its organizational structure and chain of relationships is capable of performing information security projects, allocating different professionals and companies in the areas of Information Security, Information Technology and Development in projects according to what is best for the final customer, optimizing the process, by dynamically allocating the existing resources available on the market.

This way we are able to offer the best solution, at the lowest cost, since talents are dynamically allocated, on demand, as needed and available, and according to the existing budget for the realization of the project. We also offer fully exempted and impartial solutions, regardless of product or manufacturer, as we analyze the customer’s need, and allocate the professionals or companies that are qualified to perform the implementation of the solutions that best meet their needs and/or the requirements or premises of the project whatever they are.

Small projects, in locations away from the large centers, which had a huge difficulty to emerge from the paper because of the large costs inherent in the process, will now be possible using local professionals, and experts near geographically from the locations of the projects. Coordinated by experienced professionals, utilizing worldwide recognized design management standards such as the PMBOK and complying with international information security standards such as PCI-DSS and the ISO 127000 family.

An opportunity for both sides of the market chain, the SecOps – InfoSec Army initiative offers large security information companies, the possibility to reduce the idle time of professionals in their staff, by allocating them dynamically in the running projects, enabling participating companies to optimize the utilization of their human resources, thereby maximizing their profits.

Certain projects require an extra dose of privacy. Many businesses, for several reasons need to carry out projects related to the information security area in secrecy without anyone knowing who they are. Our BlackOps projects, guarantee the total anonymity in the execution, through the allocation of different professionals, from different companies and locations, compartmentalizing only the information necessary for the accomplishment their tasks and preserving the identity of the final customer.

The search of a professional to work with information security constitutes a huge challenge to HR professionals within businesses. Identifying a talent in this area is something extremely complex and costly. The SecOps – InfoSec Army can help in this process seeking within our own base of relationships, professionals interested in these opportunities. Since all the professionals participating in the initiative are previously interviewed and scrutinized by renowned experts in the area, as a way to certifying their technical capability and to ensure superior levels of excellence for performance in our projects, that also guarantees this company that they are hiring a highly qualified professional, with the quality stamp of an international initiative in the area of information security.

Originally SecOps is a concept that preaches the total and complete integration between the areas of Information Security, Information Technology and Development. Called by some SecDevOps, it is based on the notion that to achieve higher levels of excellence and effectiveness in technology implementations, it is necessary that the assumptions and objectives of a given project are clear to all those involved in the process and they need to work in a symbiotic way to achieve the expected outcome.

Traditionally the information security is supported by three pillars: confidentiality, integrity and availability. However, we believe that in addition to this, a project of information security needs to contemplate the trinomial: processes, people and technology. The a lot of companies in the area of information security will end up being excessively on the issue of technology and underestimating the rest.

People are the weakest link in the information security chain, and security is as strong as their weakest link. Moreover, many professionals in the area tend to only visualize technological and complex solutions to solve problems that would often be solved faster and cheaper with the simple analysis and modification of the process. Conducting the bridge between the business of the company and weighing that in the decisions regarding information security and threat analysis is indispensable for effective risk management.

The SecOps – InfoSec Army brings together companies and professionals from the most diverse areas and more diverse competencies, allocating them dynamically and in an optimized way in our projects according to customer’s needs and budget.

Furthermore our SpecialOps offer the possibility of intermediation and coordination of a project, even if the companies and professionals chosen for execution are not part of the initiative. We will act as a kind of Trust Advisor of information security for your company, and coordinate the efforts of multiple sources in a cohesive and integrated manner, protecting the end-customer’s interests and ensuring superior levels of excellence in the execution.

Collaborative economy, dynamic allocation of professionals, superior levels of excellence, optimization of resources use, impartiality in execution, customer privacy preservation, local or worldwide projects, the SecOps – InfoSec Army initiative brings a new concept in Information security. With the aim of revolutionizing the market by applying new formulas to solve a series of existing gaps today, we want to help lead a reformulation of the sector, making it stronger, more efficient and effective.

The focus on the client, a comprehensive overview of the process, collaboratively work and offer solutions with superior levels of excellence is in our DNA. Check out the initiative implementation roadmap on our website. If you work in the area, join us and be part of that revolution. If you have needs in the information security area contact us and find out how we can help you run your projects with higher quality, lower cost and obtaining a customized tailor-made solution for your needs. We believe it is possible to do better and together we will transform the information security area into something better for all people involved.

Alberto J. Azevedo

Founder of the SecOps – InfoSec Army